Welcome to Jiangsu ZhongYe New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.! National Service Hotline:0086-4000-872-572
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Company Profile

Jiangsu ZhongYe New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of Xuzhou Jiangsu high tech Industrial Development Zone, Changan Road, No. 16-18. Adjacent to the Beltway, east to Beijing Fuzhou Expressway, South Lianhuo highway, 104 national highway passing through. Is the main line of Beijing Shanghai, two Longhai railway interchange, north of Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale. Covering an area of 100 acres, building area of 40000 square meters, 80 million yuan in fixed assets, with management, professional technology and furnace building welding high-quality staff more than 400 people, including college degree or above of 50 people, senior engineer 8 and 24 engineers. Our company has strong technical innovation ability, and has a number of practical new and invention patent technology.

I Secretary for the production of XMF gas occurrence furnace, step into the type (pusher) steel rolling heating furnace, forging furnace, resistance furnace, annealing furnace and other industrial furnace products has been awarded: "Jiangsu Province quality credit to enterprises", "national quality qualified assessment of user satisfaction with the top ten brand", "quality, credibility, double protection demonstration unit" title. In 2005 was awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Xuzhou city". KLD series of heating furnace, through the provincial identification, won the golden bull Award for quality products in Jiangsu province". The company has passed GB/T19001-2000, ISO9001 2000 quality management system certification and GB/T24001-2004 environmental management system certification, has one, two types of pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, number: TS2232513-2016.

General manager responsibility system, under the general manager of the office, production department, technology development department, quality inspection department, procurement department, engineering department, sales department, finance department, after sales service department and other 17 departments. The company has in all aspects of the production equipment and professional mechanical engineer, automation control engineer, quality inspection engineer, quality inspectors and technical workers, responsible for production quality control and inspection. In the factory site according to the state and industry standards for testing, qualified rear can leave the factory, the company already has mass production capacity.

"Respect for the individual, the achievement of customers, scientific innovation, integrity is responsible for" the company's core corporate culture, "the pursuit of harmony and unity" is our corporate values. "To serve customers and serve the community as their own responsibility" is our business purposes. Respect for talent, people-oriented, to inspire people's enthusiasm, improve efficiency, and constantly create and innovate unique technology and products, with "special, refined, excellent" service to customers and society. We will provide users with a full range of services: including design, engineering, general contracting and project management services.


Address: Changan Road, Xuzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone  No. 16-18 Postcode: 221116

Hotline: 0086-4000-872-572  Phone: 0516-83291999  Fax: 0516-83292888 

E-mail: [email protected]


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